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Our collection of videos and articles written by the Founders:
Anthony and Vinnie.

Mortgage Calculator for loan officers

The Mortgage Calculator: Why It’s Essential For Your Site

People want to be able to do their own research on everything these days. The main thing we see mortgage…

An interview where Vonk Digitial discusses video creation.

Creating video for business with Mike Faraci

We spoke with Mike Faraci from about creating content for business. I actually did a session with Mike and…

Scott and Anthony Balsamo discuss updates in the world of AI and how it is best being used.

AI Check In with Scott Schang

Scott and I spoke together at NAMB this year. Haven’t seen him in a while. Wanted to catch up. This…

Vonk Digital Hard Money and Investor Websites

Websites for Investors and Private Money

Here we go! This is a preview of the first layout we created for the private money niche. After years…

Blog thumbnail showing a demo mortgage website from vonk digital and the blog title

Setting Up a Robust Mortgage Website for Your Mortgage Venture

Starting out in the mortgage business with a strong website is like putting your best foot forward in a crowded…

Professionalism Online: Enhancing Your Morgage Website for Partner and Prospect Engagement

Professionalism Online: Enhancing Your Morgage Website for Partner and Prospect Engagement

A professional mortgage website can gently encourage meaningful interactions with partners and prospects. An attractive and intuitive platform promotes productive…

Picture of a Vonk Digital Client who uses her website as a persnal branding platform

Building Your Digital Identity: Morgage Website Essentials for Professionals

Mortgage Experts must create a distinctive online presence for their mortgage website to stand out. Having a well-organized website is…

Spoof Photo of Vonk owners comparing a custom wbesite vesrus a vonk digital mortgage website in a Mac vc PC ad style video

Budgeting for Your Mortgage Website: Cost Factors to Consider

A careful budget must be created before investing in a mortgage website to assure its functioning and viability. Comprehending the…

Blog Article Voer Photo of Anthony Balsamo holding a sign that says Reg Flags

Navigating Compliance Requirements for Mortgage Websites

A crucial part of creating and running a mortgage website is navigating the regulatory landscape. In addition to ensuring a…

Image of Vonk owners Anthony and Vinnie spoofing an Apple vs PC ad and discussing DIY websites vs Vonk Digital

Maintaining Your Mortgage Website: What You Need to Know

 In the competitive mortgage business, it’s important to have a good website to get and keep customers. Keeping up with…

Managing Your Online Reputation- A Guide for Mortgage Professionals

Managing Your Online Reputation: A Guide for Mortgage Professionals

Reputation management has become critical for mortgage professionals in the current digital environment. Customers conduct online research prior to making…

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